Winners from Lucky Keno Numbers


Winners from our Lucky Keno Numbers

These people have won using their Lucky Keno Numbers! Congratulations to you all, and thank you for leaving your messages so that others can see just how lucky our lucky numbers can be.

You too can leave your message here, just visit our "I'm a Lucky Keno Numbers Winner!" page, and if you haven't signed up to get your lucky keno numbers yet, be sure to leave your email in the box on the elft of this page to make sure that you don't miss out on your slice of the lucky keno winnings!

eric Won $40.00!

l just saw the randoms and l pick ten and got 7

Hazel Won $1,900.00!

I played these lucky numbers and added the multiplier and won.

althea Won $550.00!

I was shocked to hit that much but that's the biggest one I ever hit I lovekeno

michael Won $250,000.00!

Well my father in law plays keno online, and about 9 days ago he hit 8 of 8 numbers on a 5$ bet and banked $125,000.....Just last night he hit 8 of 8 with the same bet for another $125,000... its amazing!

ed Won $428.00!

well i played at my local bar in kent city, mi, and finally hit the 5 spot ! seen alot of people hit the 5 spot, i use the numbers on here and played them for 5 days, at a buck for 7 draws !

Garry Won $120.00!

Played those four numbers only for 10 games at a dollar a game.
You get more wins if you only play 4 numbers per game but best to pick a different set of 4 numbers each game.

Mike Won $20,000.00!

I went gambling sat down by myself used the numbers they told me to on this site and I managed to hit 9 out of 10 4 times no joke these numbers work! everyone needs to try there lucky numbers cuz if you aint first your last!

devin Won $25.00!

well i needed a 7 to win and the the 5 came out then the 7 came out

Sher Won $1,800.00!

I hit 6 out of 7>>>3 times in one night.

Robert Won $3,200.00!

Played 7 numbers With $2 dollar bet and power hit 7th number all numbers came out. Object of the game having the right cluster of numbers. Played at a local game room. Played numbers that gave me on top and took 3 numbers off to play 7 i should havr left the other numbers cause all numbers hit that would of been twenty grand

Paras Won $500.00!

I just picked random 10 numbers and after 5 min I saw I matched 8 out of 10 numbers...Prize - $500

monica Won $10,000.00!

well I saw the eights and played in for
10 spot and got 9 out of ten last week

kurt Won $200.00!

Went to casino in oklahoma, New Castle Casino and hit 5 of 5 for 200! The odds in oklahoma arent as good as vegas, in vegas i would have won $800 for the same hit, but i seem to win more times here in okalhoma than in vegas, hope your weekly numbers keep hitting! Thanks!

Joe Won $412.00!

I won $412 on the 5 spot $1 5 draws on the Ohio Keno. I have been playing for some time and this is my first "big" hit and my first week on this site.

Jack Won $12,500.00!

when i use this numbers on my online keno game i won $12K and the money in my account now :D

Melvin Won $400.00!

I hit 8 out of 10 on these numbers.Also my wife hit for $280.00 on the same numbers.

Brett Won $1,000.00!

i came on this site and saw the lucky numbers. i played all ten plus i added 2 more to make my 12 numbers. i played ten games and got 9 out of 12 numbers on my second to last game.

gulshan Won $250.00!

iam lucky man ok

Daniel Won $1,250.00!

Well -- For anyone that is using this system my recomendation is !!! USE IT IT WORKS !! This is only my second time using this system and both times I have done grate but one word of encuragement trust in the numbers and see your self wining and you will WIN, WIN, WIN but you must use the numbers and trust - but more important do it for fun - remember !! Those who play for fun Win!! Those who play out of need Loos !! So use the number provided on this site but do it for fun and trust me you will Win !!

Daniel Won $420.00!

Well I must say that I am a Keno lover and thats all I paly. When I first ran into this site I thought - Hmm cold this work. Well let me tell you on my first night trying the numbers that were selected for me I went to the casino and tried $20.00 dollars. It was interesting because I kept hitting 20 coins, then 96 coins and after 5 minutes of palying and before I pulled another bill out of my pocket !! Bang !! I hit 4000 coins on the nickle machine. Then right after that with the same number about 5 min later I hit again 525 coins to make a long story short those numbers selected for me won me $420.00 dollars in less then on hour thats a 400. % profit not bad keep up the good work.

Douglas Won $4,536.00!

I was playing a multi card keno 10 cent machine.

I hit $1944.00 playing 6 cards all with the numbers 4 5 6 7 15 playing the max at 40 cents per card $2.40.

Right after that on the same machine I moved the patern down to 14 15 16 17 25 and added two more cards for a total of 8 cards and bet the max of $3.20 and won $2592.00

In a fifteen minute span on the same machine the same pattern hit twice for a total of $4536.

I got frustrated trying to hit 7 outta 7 and switched to 5 outta 5.

Thank you

Mike Won $100.00!

I get the #'s and I went to a keno place to played and I won $100

Lisa Won $410.00!

I was at a club in my home town for my mothers birthday party and had never played before. my sister told the bartender give of five spot for a dollar a play the bartender printed the ticket and looked at of and said you have thirty seconds to get in on this game ire you playing. i said yeah do the same thing for of that you did for my sister so she had the machine auto pick my numbers collected my five bucks and walked away. the first five numbers out were mine. i didnt have any idea what that went or how much i had won but when they ran my ticket it said 410 winner. so my first dollar ever spent on the game won me four hundred and ten dollars with out even knowing how to play! just luck i guess .

Miguel Won $100,000.00!

I was in the local casino called MORONGO in LA i had lost almost all of my college money $5000 to be exact i only had $100 dollar bill left so i put it in the kino game i put those numbers i saw people didnt play so i rememberd that the number that dont come out will come out soon so i played 9 numbers and won $100000 dollars

Anne Won $400.00!

bet 6 and hit

Daysi Won $75.00!

Im playing every day

Jim Won $1,000.00!

walked in sat down brought a beer .placed my bet hit 4 numbers with a 10 x multiplier

Dee Won $140.00!

I played video keno on a poker machine, which is a game that I often play without winning. I did an online search for lucky keno numbers and ran into, this is where I retrieved my winning numbers. I put $20 in the machine, and played on that $20 with the same numbers for about 5 minutes. I was really in shock when I hit 8 out of 10 numbers, this paid off $100, then I cleared the first set of numbers and put in the second set that I received from this site and won $40 more with several different hits. In all I cashed out $140. Thanks so much for the numbers Lucky Keno.

Susan Won $332.00!

My friend Linda (aka: "Lucky Linda") and I were on a recent gaming outing at the Palms Casino, Las Vegas, NV when she requested to play the four-card keno machine I had been playing. Out of funds, but feeling the energy of my weekly Lucky Keno Numbers still alive on one of the four cards, I agreed with the stipulation that I retain the numbers on two of the four cards. A deal was struck and soon the gambling gods were wetting our appetites with a 5 of 6 here. . 5 of 6 there, but we were clearly the ones serving most of the dough. We were almost to the end of this seven course meal when poof! -- we were served a smooth 6 of 6 on none the less but my Lucky Keno Numbers on card A for $332! With no room for desert we cordially thanked the gods and hit the cashout button! Thanks Lucky Keno Numbers for the inspiration and fun times! Susan D., Las Vegas, NV

sam Won $10.00!

Hello every one I signed up to a lucky keno numbers and i won $5,$2,and $3 playing New Zealand daily keno I am working on the big priz now hahha Thanks for your lucky numbers :)

Shirley Won $1,000.00!

I was playing just decided to keep playing until I spend about a $100 dollars and after it's gone then I check my tickets.Well when I went to the register I thought maybe I just won a few dollars back but the lottery machine said file claim.

elizabeth Won $160.00!

yes i got 5out 6 twice just unlucky i was not 6 but it
great thank you still getting nos and hope will have luckagain.

Teresa Won $400.00!

I played the keno machine at the Route 66 casino in Albuquerque, NM on 3 Jul 08.

bessie Won $648.00!

5 ladies play bingo each Thursday and we also put $1 each in to play Keno. I was given these numbers last Wednesday and on Thursday morning we took them and won $128 each but I liked the numbers so much I took 20 games on my own and won $648.00 Thank you for those numbers, I look forward to the numbers you issue me next week.

mike Won $250.00!

I was at my local club, the south tamworth Bowling Club and I invested $5.00 and needed '24' for $12,880.00 with three numbers to be drawn but I got $125.00 for the six. About an hour or so later I invested $10.00 and needed '9' with five numbers to be drawn for $7,900.00, as someone had won the $12,880.00, Again I collected $125.00 so thanks for lucky numbers,Mike

matty j Won $5.00!

i won 5 bucks 2 day from your numbers in new zealand 6/10 thank you

matty j Won $50.00!

i won 7/10 and got fifty bucks ive won this a few times now mostly i get $2 $3 $5 .
here in new zealand its $250,000.00 for getting 10/10 so still working on that top prize.

Toby Won $250.00!

I played the 10 numbers and the very first spin I won. To bad I only had it on a one bet, but I was still very happy.

Michael Won $50.00!

I just took these numbers for a bit of fun for 10 games, and it turned out that I ended up winning $50 from it all. Not sure of what games won for me, but I got $50 from a $5 bet, so I was real happy.