Keno Rules

Keno Rules

Keno, in it’s simplest form, is a very easy game to understand and to play. The easiest way to play keno is to choose some numbers, mark them on the form and place yoru bet. That’s all there is to it! We make that even easier by giving you your own lucky keno numbers here, and in your email every week when you join our mailing list.

There are more ways of playing keno then just this. There are different ways of betting that will let you choose multiple games on one ticket, groups of numbers, and also ways to take groups inside other groups on numbers! This may all sound a bit complicted, but you’ll soon get the idea.

We have provided these guides to keno bets and how to best play each type of keno bet so that you can see the best ways to play and win at keno.

Standard Keno Bets – Just as it says, he easiest way to bet on keno games.

Multiple Way Bets – This is the harder way of betting on keno, but gives you a lot of flexibility over your bets.

Each of the bets are shown on our keno form that you can see here. Just click on the form for a bigger view of the ticket.


To play keno, all you have to do is decide on the numbers that you want to get on, how many games you want to play them for, and how much you want to bet on each game. From there just take the ticket to the keno booth and have it entered. Then you can just sit back and watch your Lucky Keno Numbers come up!