Keno Way Bets

Way bets are the advanced keno bets that the real keno players love to play because they really give an added dimension to the game.

Way bets allow you to group together different sets of numbers on one form to give you many different games with the added advantage of only having one form to check off.

We have put together a guide to the ways that way bets work with some examples of the best types of way bets. To get a better look at the way that they tickets are laid out, just click on each of them and a bigger view will pop up in another window.

3×3-Way Bet


With this bet, you’ll see that there are three lots of three numbers that have been circled on the form. What this means is that this form has three games of three numbers each. You don’t have to stick to these numbers though. You can circle as many numbers on one form as you wish, and they can be different amount of numbers too. You can have a game of 5 numbers with a game of 10 numbers and a game of 2 numbers, all on the one form.

3/3/4-Way Bet


In this example, you can see that there are three groups of numbers, two groups with three numbers, and one group with four numbers. The big difference between this and our last example is that in this example you can see that some of the games share the same numbers. This is a great way to play as it lets you re-use numbers in the games to give you a more flexible way of playing keno.

4/4/8-Way Bet


This is a game that gets a little more complicated. In this example you’ll see that there are two groups of four numbers circled, and this means that there are two games of four numbers. But what about the bigger circle around the lot? What this means is that there is also another game of 8 numbers that combines all of the 8 numbers that are on the form. This gives you three games on the one form, and this has the added advantage that you’re betting on the same numbers for multiple games, meaning that when you win, you payout’s will be even bigger!