Standard Keno Bets

With keno betting, all you need to do is mark the numbers that you want to play on the ticket. The main decision that you have to make is how many numbers that you want to bet on. Most real casinos and online casinos will let you bet on between 1 and 10 numbers or 15 or 20 numbers.

The amount of numbers that you choose will directly relate to how much you coudl possibly win. As an example, most casinos will offer the biggest prize for 10/10 numbers, while getting 1/1 number will get you a small win. The best returns for risk are when you bet 8, 9 or 10 numbers. For a full run-down on the different odds for keno bets you should see our “Keno odds” section for more information.

Just mark the numbers on the form, and that’s all that you have to do. There’s not a lot of casino games out there that are just that easy!


Now that you have seen the standard way to bet on keno, you should also look at our guides to more advanced keno bets to find out more information about how some more involved keno bets work.