Terms & Conditions

  1. LuckyKenoNumbers.com collects Email addresses submitted via the website at https://www.luckykenonumbers.com for the purpose of sending personalized email messages containing individual lucky keno numbers for each member of the mailing list as well as promotional offers by LuckyKenoNumbers.com and their associates.
  2. Email messages will be sent at the rate of one message in every seven (7) day period unless special notifications are required to be sent to members.
  3. All email addresses must be double-opt-in verified before promotional messages will be sent. All uses must confirm their email address and their approval to receive promotional material form LuckyKenoNumbers.com before their email address will be added to the LuckyKenoNumbers.com mailing list.
  4. Members that are subscribed to the mailing list may choose to be removed from the mailing list at any time by following the link supplied in each email.
  5. Any member that has confirmed that they wish to receive promotional material from LuckyKenoNumbers.com do declare that all messages sent to them from the LuckyKenoNumbers.com are solicited messages and cannot be classified as SPAM. junk or unsolicited emails.
  6. Any email address that is removed by a member will not receive any more promotional messages from LuckyKenoNumbers.com. LuckyKenoNumbers.com reserves the right to retain a full listing of any removed email addresses for future use by third parties.
  7. LuckyKenoNumbers.com reserves the right to top or suspend and users promotional emails at any time for any reason and without notification.
  8. LuckyKenoNumbers.com reserves the right to stop sending promotional emails to all customers at any time.